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Real Estate Blog Writing

Are you a real estate agent looking to increase your online visibility and attract more clients? Our team of experienced writers can help you achieve your goals through high-quality, engaging blog content.

Topics Include:

  • Mortgages

  • Interest Rates

  • Local Real Estate Markets

  • Interior Design

  • Real Estate Investing

  • REITs

  • Multifamily, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Offices etc

  • With our help, you'll be able to establish yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry and attract more qualified leads.

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    Who comes up with the blog topic?

  • We ask that customers have an understanding of what their topic is and communicate it clearly. We do recommend having a brief outline if there are specific details you want included.

  • What is a Basic package?

  • This package is for topics that require minimal research. A basic package article should not require economic or local market research. Example: Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

  • What is a Standard Package?

  • This topic requires some research and more information-dense copy. We'll look into a couple of different sources and pull together relevant information into an attention-grabbing article. Example: A Quick Fall Market Recap

  • What is a Premium Package?

  • We recommend a Premium Package for those targeting SEO or who are looking for dense content. Topic Examples: Interest Rates, Inflation, and the Federal Reserve's Impact on Housing Prices

  • Basic Standard Premium
    Short, light creative post with minimal research Content rich article that is supported but still creatively written with a light voice Strongly researched article that is informative and supported by research
    Topic Research No Yes Yes
    SEO Keywords Yes Yes Yes
    References & Citations Yes Yes Yes
    Revisions 1 1 2